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Doing Business 2009 : Reforms Continue to Make it Easier to do Business in MENA

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  • 27 reforms in two-thirds of the region’s economies, second fastest reforming region
  • Yemen top global reformer for starting a business, advances 25 ranks
  • Egypt among top global reformers, advances 11 ranks with reforms in 6 of the 10 areas

September 10, 2008 —In the just published Doing Business 2009, the annual publication issued by the World Bank and IFC, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) ranked as the second-fastest reforming region in the world with a total of 27 reforms in two-thirds of the region’s economies. Overall, the region ranked fourth in the world in the ease of doing business.

For a fifth year, the region’s most popular area for reform is business start-up, with nine economies making improvements. Regionally, the Egypt ranked highest in the area of reforming business regulations, and globally Yemen ranked first in the category of "starting a business" reforms. Saudi Arabia ranked first in the world in the category of ease of "registering property", while five Gulf countries made the top ten in the category where "paying taxes" is made easy.

At the global level, several MENA countries made the top 50 in the key category of ease of doing business. These included: Saudi Arabia (16) and Bahrain (18), Israel (30), Qatar (37), United Arab Emirates (46). Other notable performers in the region include: Oman, Tunisia, Yemen.

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