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Knowledge and Learning Quick Notes

The MENA Quick Notes are intended to summarize lessons learned from MENA and other Bank Knowledge and Learning activities. The Quick Notes do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Bank, its board or its member countries.

Quick Note #66  Promoting Youth Opportunities and Participation in Morocco, by Gloria La Cava, Tara Vishwanath, Matteo Morgandi, Umar Serajuddin, Maros Ivanic, Irene Jillson

Quick Note #65  MENA Regional Economic Update by Caroline Freund, Elena Ianchovichina

Quick Note #64 Poverty in MENA: Advances and Challenges by Tara Vishwanath and Umar Serajuddin

Quick Note #63 Iraq and Turkey: South-South Knowledge Exchange on Social Safety Nets by Ghassan Alkhoja, Surat Nsour, and Zaina Dawani

Quick Note #62 - Who Needs Legal Aid Services? Addressing Demand in Jordan by Paul Prettitore

Quick Note #61 - Stagnation or Revival? Palestinian Economic Prospect by The World Bank

Quick Note #60 - Opening Doors: Gender Equality in the Middle East and North Africa by Tara Vishwanath

Quick Note #59 - Tackling the Shelter Challenge: Developing the Mortgage Market in Egypt by Sahar Nasr and Laila Abdelkader

Quick Note #58 - Morocco Moves Forward on an Arduous Path - Reforming Its Doing Business Indicators by Philippe De Meneval, Youssef Saadani Hassan, Ali Al-Abdulrazzaq

Quick Note #57 - Are Jordan and Tunisia's Exports Becoming More Technologically Sophisticated? And Why it Matters by Ndiame Diop and Sofiane Ghali

Quick Note #56 - Jordan Student Aid Reform: Opportunities for a New Generation by Ghassan Alkhoja, Zaina Dawani, and Ehab Shanti 

Quick Note #55 - From Education to Work: Opportunities and Challenges in the West Bank & Gaza by Stefanie Brodmann, Ernesto P. Cuadra, Mohamad Ismail Allouche, and Samira Ahmed Hillis 

Quick Note #54 - Infrastructure and Employment Creation in the Middle East and North Africa by Caroline Freund, Elena Ianchovichina

Quick Note #53 - Supporting Social Accountability in the Middle East and North Africa:
Lessons from Transitions by Franck Bousquet, Jeff Thindwa, Mariana Felicio, Helene Grandvoinnet

Quick Note #52 - Private Sector Development in Conflict Regions: Viable Support Options in the West Bank and Gaza by John Nasir, Ranan Al-Muthaffar, Rimal Kacem

Quick Note #51 - Accelerating Reform within Iraq’s National Board of Pensions by Ghassan Alkhoja, Basma Ammari, and Daniel Manitsky

Quick Note #50 - Pension Reform Implementation Support Technical Assistance (PRISTA):
Institution Building in Iraq – The PRISTA Model by Ghassan Alkhoja, Zaina Dawani

Quick Note #49 - Striving for Better Jobs: The Challenge of Informality in the Middle East and North Africa Region by Roberta Gatti Diego F. Angel-Urdinola, Joana Silva, and Andras Bodor

Quick Note #48 - Supporting Private Sector Development in Iraq by Stephen Rimmer and Mohammed Al-Ani

Quick Note #47 - Managing Peaceful Transitions: Evidence and Experience by Sarah Cliffe, Jana El Horr, and Colin Scott

Quick Note #46  - Financial Access and Stability: A Road Map for the Middle East and North Africa by Roberto Rocha

Quick Note #45  - Capabilities, Opportunities and Participation: Gender Equality and Development in the Middle East and North Africa Region by Tara Vishwanath, Nga Nguyen, Quy-Toan Do, Thomas Walker, Gabriela Inchauste Comboni, and Nandini Krishnan

Quick Note #44 - Iraq: Financial Sector Review by Sahar Nasr, Arne Petersen, Jan Van der Vossen, Nabil Hashad, Richard Britton, Sibel Kulaksiz, and Erik Huitfeld

Quick Note #43 - SME Innovators and Gazelles in MENA - Educate, Train, Certify, Compete ! By Andrew Stone and Lina Tarek Badawy

Quick Note #42 - Arab Donors Respond Favorably to the Global Financial Crisis by Mustapha Rouis

Quick Note #41 - An Exception to the Gender Gap in Education: The Middle East? By Mourad Ezzine, Simon Thacker and Nadereh Chamlou

Quick Note #40 - Ex-Post Impact Evaluation of an Export Promotion Matching Grant: Tunisia's EMAF II by J. Gourdon, J.M. Marchat, S. Sharma, and T. Vishwanath

Quick Note #39 - MENA's Non-Oil Export Performance in the Last Decade by Elena Ianchovichina

Quick Note #38 - The Middle East and North Africa and Dependence on the Capital-Intensive Hydrocarbon Sector by Elena Ianchovichina

Quick Note #37 - The Events in the Arab World, the Recent Global Crisis, and the World Bank Group by Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Managing Director

Quick Note #36 - Gender in the Middle East and North Africa: Progress and Remaining Challenges by Tara Vishwanath, Nandini Krishnan

Quick Note #35 - The Labor Market Policy Reform Agenda in MENA by the Middle East and North Africa Region, Human Development Department

Quick Note #34 - HIV/AIDS in MENA: Assessment and Policy Recommendations by Laith Abu-Raddad, Francisca Ayodeji Akala, Iris Semini, Gabriele Riedner, David Wilson and Ousama Tawil

Quick Note #33 - Economic Integration in MENA : The GCC, the Maghreb, and the Mashreq by Shamshad Akhtar and Mustapha Rouis

Quick Note #32 - Jordan NOW: New Work Opportunities for Women by Tara Vishwanath and Nandini Krishnan

Quick Note #31 - Investing in Youth in the MENA region: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward by Gloria La Cava, et al.

Quick Note #30 - Labor Mobility in the Middle East and North Africa: Challenges and Opportunities by Stefanie Brodmann, Yann Pouget and Roberta Gatti 

Quick Note #29 - (coming soon)

Quick Note #28 - Arab Development Assistance: Four Decades of Cooperation by Mustapha Rouis

Quick Note #27 - The Role of State Banks in the MENA Region by Roberto Rocha

Quick Note #26 - Government of Egypt, Japan and the World Bank jointly address Unemployment Challenges facing Marginalized Youth by Iqbal Kaur

Quick Note #25 - Microfinance in the Arab World: The Challenge of Financial Inclusion by Shamshad Akhtar, Douglas Pearce

Quick Note #24 - MENA: Recovering From The Crisis by Elena Ianchovichina

Quick Note #23 - The Arab World Initiative and Regional Integration by Shamshad Akhtar, Vice-President of MENA region

Quick Note #22  -  Quality of Education: The Gateway to Employability by Shamshad Akhtar, Vice-President of MENA region

Quick Note #21  -  Gender and Transport in MENA: Case Studies from West Bank Gaza and Yemen by Lamis Aljounaidi

Quick Note #20  -  The Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration: An Interview with World Bank Maghreb Director Mats Karlsson

Quick Note #19   -  Universities as Key Partners for Developing Good Governance Practices in MENA by Emmanuel Mbi, and Adrianna Jaramillo

Quick Note #18  -  The World Bank & The Arab Urban Development Institute: A Decade Long Partnership on Urban and Youth Issues by Ahmed Al-Salloum, Ibrahim Al-Turki, and Aliya Jalloh 

Quick Note #17  -  Governance, Integrity and Transparency: An Important Development Agenda for MENA by Shamshad Akhtar

Quick Note #16 -  Business Environment Reform in MENA: Setting up the Right Implementation Framework by Philippe de Meneval and Youssef Saadani

Quick Note #15   -  Clean Technology Fund Investment Plan Approved for Concentrated Solar Power in the MENA Region by Roger Coma-Cunill, Chandra Govindarajalu, Silvia Pariente-David, Jonathan Walters

Quick Note #14   -  Lebanon : Social Impact Analysis For the Electricity and Water Sectors by Sebnem Akkaya, Nils Junge, and Wael Mansour

Quick Note #13   -  Addressing Climate Change in the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA) by Raffaello Cervigni, Silvia Pariente-David, Kanta K. Rigaud, Johanne Holten, and Roger Coma Cunill

Quick Note #12   -  The MENA Region and the Crisis: An Interview with MNA Vice-President Shamshad Akhtar

Quick Note #11    -  Investing in Youth in the MENA Region: How To Operationalize Youth Interventions (II) by Gloria La Cava, Matteo Morgandi, Iqbal Kaur, Amina Semlali

Quick Note #10   -  Investing in Youth in the MENA Region: How To Operationalize Youth Interventions (I) by Gloria La Cava, Matteo Morgandi, Iqbal Kaur, Amina Semlali

Quick Note #9  -  Unlocking the Economic Potential of Persons with Disabilities in MNA by Gustavo Demarco  

Quick Note #8 -  Morocco's National Food Fortification Program by Eileen Brainne Sullivan, and Robin Houston 

Quick Note #7 -  The Employment Challenge in the Maghreb, by Najy Benhassine, John D. Blomquist, Mourad Ezzine, Rebekka E. Grun, Adriana Jaramillo, Nadine T. Poupart, Joana C. G. Silva

Quick Note #6    - Gender-Based Differences Among Entrepreneurs and Workers in Lebanon by Randa Akeel

Quick Note #5  - Shaping the Future: Long-Term Perspectives on People & Job Mobility for MENA by Leila Zlaoui

Quick Note #4 - Accounting and Auditing Practices & Development Effectiveness by Samia Msadek

Quick Note #3 - Improving Food Security in Arab Countries, by Julian Lampietti, Sean Michaels, and Nick Magnan

Quick Note #2  - Education in the Arab World : Shift to Quality in Math, Science & Technology Faltering, by Mourad Ezzine

Quick Note #1 - The Global Financial & Economic Crisis : Transmission Channels & Policy Response in the Arab World, by Daniela Gressani and Auguste Tano Kouame



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