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Arab World Briefs

Arab World Brief Number 5 - Towards a New Partnership for Inclusive Growth in the Middle East and North Africa, by The World Bank, Middle East and North Africa Region

Arab World Brief Number 4Enhancing Access to Micro-Data in the Middle East and North Africa, by Diego F. Angel-Urdinola, Anne Hilger, and Ingrid B. Ivins

Arab World Brief Number 3 - Middle East and North Africa Local Service Delivery Initiative: Promoting Social Accountability and Demand for Good Governance, by Sabine Beddies, Mariana Felicio, Gabriel Dedu, Fatou Fall, Caroline Vagneron

Arab World Brief Number 2  - Emerging Developments and Challenges in the Arab World, by Shamshad Akhtar

Arab World Brief Number 1 - Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for Youth in Mena: Policies to Promote Employment, by Gloria La Cava, Carlo Maria Rossotto, and Cecilia Paradi-Guilford

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