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Additional job description detail for Social Media Coordinator


Work with the World Bank Middle East and North Africa (MENA) communication team to establish short-, mid-, and long-term social media strategies and goals for the MENA region.

Define the voice of the MENA region for the social web. Create a set of style, tone, and design principles to guide the MENA region’s digital communications.  Collaborate with MENA web team on branding.

Define metrics for short-, mid-, and long-term success in social media, including content produced, fan growth, rate of conversation and engagement, and other metrics that you identify as key quality indicators in our market segment.

Be agile and vigilant to the evolving digital landscape and actively consider the Bank’s role in this changing space.


Manage daily operations and quality of the MENA region’s digital media presence (Facebook and Twitter, and other channels you may identify), generating written content and incorporating a variety of content types.  Ensure quick, flexible and disciplined clearance processes. Work with Arabic and French speaking colleagues to ensure tri-language presence.

Work seamlessly with the MENA blog coordinator to cross-promote blog content on social media channels. Consult with MENA Communications Advisor.

Work with other Bank regional and thematic staff to identify, create, and promote relevant content, ensuring that all countries and sectors are represented consistently on MENA-owned properties.
Engage with similar organizations that focus on the MENA region, bringing the Bank’s voice and support to their digital properties.

Create quarterly digital media campaigns, including polls, competitions, giveaways, and other campaigns you identify.

Work with the Communications Team to manage the digital information stream during live DC events.  Explore ways to incorporate an innovative digital component in MNA’s live events.
Work closely with the central EXT team to identify opportunities to highlight MENA content on Bankwide properties online.

Provide strategic (and possibly operational) support to country teams (specifically Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan) with implementing dialogue series, using digital channels to reach out to local stakeholders.

Reporting (to Communications Advisor who leads the team)

Measure key metrics on a weekly basis, benchmarking MENA’s performance against goals and peer organizations, and report these to the Communications Advisor weekly using available monitoring software and appropriate visualizations.

Prepare quarterly reports for broader distribution to the VP’s office and the MNA RLT.
Disseminate information gleaned from digital channels to the relevant teams in both a scheduled and ad hoc manner, when necessary.

As the social media consultant will be vigilant across a wide variety of digital media, s/he will monitor and report to Comms Advisor on key regional topics.


Network with other digital media coordinators/managers to glean best practices and consider collaboration opportunities.

Actively engage with the technology community, staying current with news, platform development, and changes in the industry.

Be available for basic digital media training to staff in the MENA region, both in a formal setting (workshops, seminars, presentations) and in on an ad hoc, individual basis.

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