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MENA Health Strategy (2013-2018)

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Better Health Systems for Healthier Nations A new World Bank strategy calls for creating more fair and accountable health systems in the region to deliver the highest quality of care in a sustainable manner.


  • 35%

    of intensive care units and wards teaching hospitals in Jordan reported incidence of medical errors.
  • 37%

    of individuals in Yemen forego health care due to high costs
  • 60%

    of all health expenses in Egypt are born by the individual, out of pocket
  • 4 Arab countries

    are in the global Top 20 for female obesity—Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain and Jordan.
  • 5 Arab countries

    are in the global Top 20 for male obesity—Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Bahrain.
  • #1

    road traffic accidents are the main cause of death among young men in MENA
  • 40%

    on average, households in the Maghreb and Mashreq pay almost forty per cent of all health care costs

Health services, do they even exist??

Middle aged man, Egypt

Basically there are no health services for the people

Young woman, Yemen

There is a weakness in the services, there is a big difference between the public and private sectors

Middle aged man, Tunisia

There are no health services here. Those who have money pay for services, but the poor get nothing

Elder man, Egypt

I hope that in one point in my lifetime I see decent health care in my country—so I do not have to travel overseas for even a basic colonoscopy

Senior government official, MENA country

My benefits from health services is zero

Middle aged man, Yemen

The quality of medicines is so poor that I would not even buy a pack of paracetamol from a local pharmacy

Senior government official, MENA country

We have no problems in finding drugs, but we certainly have a big problem in trusting their quality

Middle aged man, Egypt

A Public hospital is where you lose your life…a private one is where you lose your money…

Middle aged woman, Egypt

We select a facility, not based on the quality of services, but based on whom you know

Health professional, Cairo

Any Government official speaking in TV saying that services are good I invite him to come with me and I will take him to see the hospitals. Come with me to the hospital and I will show you how they treat people and how there is no treatment, nothing

Elder man, Egypt

Hospitals and clinics have very sophisticated equipment, but what good is that if they are not working half the time…or when my children need it?

Middle aged man, Egypt

Warning: Do not receive bribes

Sign in Ministry of Health, Morocco

The corruption in the health sector has not been addressed. Corruption is health and medicine is still present till this moment.

Young man, Yemen

A monitoring committee is needed where all big and small officials are held accountable

Young woman, Tunisia

You need to pay the staff to get good service…this is not a bribe, it is social assistance…look at how much those poor souls earn…next to nothing!

Medical practitioner, Egypt

I hope there is real change, not just words about revolution. I want this revolution to truly come from our hearts and to create change because we all crave advancement

Young woman, Yemen

We need to create better monitoring and information systems. The current systems are not comprehensive and not valid

Health official, Morocco

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