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Governance News & Notes


Governance News & Notes is a monthly e-mail publication of the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa Vice Presidency.  It is intended to keep practitioners, legislators, academics, NGOs, members of the donor community and other interested parties informed about important developments in the field of governance and public management throughout the MENA region.  Each issue focuses upon a particular reform topic and includes case studies, policy notes, summaries of recent analytic work and interviews with key decisionmakers.  The newsletter will also have information on upcoming events, websites and publications that will be of interest to those working on governance reform in MENA and beyond.


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Links to Previous Issues of Governance News & Notes:


January 2010: Volume 4, Issue 1:         Print Version - English        Arabic عربي 


September 2009: Volume 3, Issue 3:    Print Version - English        Arabic عربي 


June 2009:  Volume 3, Issue 2:            Print Version - English        Arabic عربي 


March 2009: Volume 3, Issue 1:           Print Version - English        Arabic عربي 


December 2008: Volume 2, Issue 5:     Print Version - English        Arabic عربي


October 2008: Volume 2, Issue 4:        Print Version - English        Arabic عربي


September 2008: Volume 2, Issue 3:    Print Version - English        Arabic عربي


June 2008: Volume 2, Issue 2:             Print Version - English        Arabic عربي


January 2008: Volume 2, Issue 1:         Print Version - English        Arabic عربي


November 2007: Volume 1, Issue 1:     Print Version - English        Arabic  عربي



Governance News & Notes is provided free of charge to registered subscribers electronically via e-mail. 


If you would like to be added to the distribution list or have questions or further inquiries about Governance News & Notes, contact:


Ms. Lida Bteddini

Economic and Social Development Unit

Middle East and North Africa Vice Presidency

The World Bank

1818 H. Street N.W

Washington, D.C 20433

+1 (202) 458-4937

+1 (202) 477-0432 (fax)


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