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Economic Development in the Middle East and North Africa


Enabling Employment Miracles

 Enabling Employment Miracles

 A new World Bank Report says oil  Exporters in the Middle East and North Africa region will receive an anticipated 2 percent boost and achieve a rate of 5.4 percent in 2012.

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Latest Publications

Gender-Based Differences among Workers

Women's participation in the economy whether in the labor market or private sector investment is relatively low, especially when compared to their female counterparts in other similar middle income countries.

From Privilege to Competition: Unlocking Private-Led Growth

Unleashing the entrepreneurship potential of the region will require moving from deeply rooted privileges to a level playing field for all investors.

The MNSED Department produced a total of 48 Analytical and Advisory products.


Private SectorVideo
Private Sector Report calls for a leveled playing field for business

Ritva S. Reinikka, Sector Director


40 million new jobs have to be created in MENA in the next decade. The private sector role is key in transforming MENA countries into diversified, vibrant economies that can create jobs.

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