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The Private Sector in the Middle East and North Africa






From Privilege to Competition: Unlocking Private-Led Growth in the Middle-East and North Africa
Unleashing the entrepreneurship potential of the region will require moving from deeply rooted privileges to a level playing field for all investors. More

bullet Analytical and Advisory Activities on Private Sector


Iraq: Emergency Private Sector Development Additional Financing (EPSDP)
It will help meet the financing gap required to complete the implementation of the First EPSDP's two telecom components. More


Launching a National Commission in Morocco to Coordinate Business Climate Reforms

Morocco has recently introduced several reforms; but these reforms require effective coordination to boost private investment and to create jobs. In 2009, the government and the private sector launched a National Pact providing for the establishment of a commission in charge of coordinating business climate reforms. More


bullet Global Investment Promotion Benchmarking 2009

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40 million new jobs have to be created in MNA in the next decade. The private sector role is key in transforming MNA countries into diversified, vibrant economies that can create jobs. More








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