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MENA Governance News & Notes

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Note from the Publisher

By Robert P. Beschel


This edition of Governance News & Notes tackles the difficult and complex challenge of civil service and public administration reform within the Middle East and North Africa region. “Civil service reform” is a broad discipline that covers a variety of sub-fields, many of which themselves are quite extensive.  Typically, it covers topics such as how governments are organized and structured, often referred to as the “machinery of government”; how they are staffed (pay and employment issues); and how staff or human resources are managed. More






















Governance Newsmaker Interview with DR. Ahmed Darwish, Minister of State for Administrative Development, Egypt 


By Rami G. Khouri


Reforming the massive civil service in Egypt, including reducing petty corruption and increasing efficiency, will take many years to achieve, because of the slow nature of cultural change, but the man charged with achieving this task believes the process is finally underway, and initial breakthroughs can be identified. More



















The Challenge of Civil Service in MENA 


By Robert P. Beschel


Issues of civil service and administrative reform have been pursued by a large number of MENA countries for decades.  As noted in the introduction, the field is a large one that covers how government is structured and organized; the size and composition of its staff and the wage bill; issues of human resource management and capacity; and a variety of additional “sub-topics” within these broader themes. More



Brief Assessment of global experience with civil service reform: the IEG experience 

By Lydia Habhab


The development of a country depends a great deal upon the quality of its public sector. Since the 1980s, the World Bank has been promoting public sector reform to improve efficiency and promote better delivery of public goods and services, as well as to enhance transparency and accountability. More 


By Khalid El Massnaoui
The Government of Morocco designed and implemented an ambitious voluntary retirement program (VRP) in 2005—the only example of its type in the MENA region.  More than 39,000 employees (7.6 percent of civil servants) elected to benefit from this program and left the public sector.  The VRP is one of the most important components of the broad Public Administration Reform program (PARP) launched in 2003. More 

Disclaimer: views expressed in this publication reflect those of their authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the World Bank Group, its Board or its management


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