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Sep 24, 2009Egypt: The World Bank Supports the Affordable Mortgage Finance Program
Jun 12, 2009Ministers of Finance And Global Health Leaders Fulfill Promise to Combat World’s Greatest Vaccine-Preventable Killer of Children
Jun 02, 2009Influenza A(H1N1): World Bank to ‘Fast-Track’ US $ 500 Million to Help Countries Better Prepare for Pandemic Flu
Apr 30, 2009World Bank Statement on Swine Flu
Apr 26, 2009World Bank to support Mexico’s Strategy to fight Swine Flu with $205 million
Apr 24, 2009Global Crisis Prompts Big Rise in World Bank Health and Education Financing - AIDS Drugs Could Be in Short Supply
Apr 21, 2009World Bank to Triple Protection for the Vulnerable in Wake of Economic Crisis
Feb 12, 2009Crisis Hitting Poor Hard in Developing World, World Bank says
Feb 10, 2009Financial Crisis Highlights Need for More Social Safety Nets, Including Conditional Cash Transfers
Jun 04, 2008Action, Resources and Results Needed Now for Food Crisis, Zoellick says
Jun 03, 2008World Bank’s Zoellick Calls on Rome Conference for Urgent Action for 20 Most Vulnerable Countries
May 29, 2008World Bank Supports Efforts to mitigate Food Prices Crisis in Djibouti
May 02, 2008World Bank Marks World Press Freedom Day with Study on Broadcasting and Development
Apr 09, 2008Rising Food Prices Threaten Poverty Reduction
Apr 08, 2008Progress Toward Nutrition, Health, Education, and other Development Goals off Track
Feb 04, 2008MENA Education Reforms at a Crossroads
Sep 22, 2006US$13 Million Grant to Fight Avian Flu in the West Bank and Gaza Approved by the World Bank
Sep 18, 2006West Bank and Gaza: World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund Grant to Sustain Essential Health, Education and Social Services Delivery
Jun 15, 2006Tunisia: World Bank Supports Higher Education Sector
Jun 08, 2006Iraq: World Bank Approves Grant for Social Protection
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