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Human Development in MENA

HIV Report

Characterizing the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa

Despite much progress in understanding HIV infectious spread globally, the Middle East and North Africa region stands as the only region where knowledge of the epidemic continues to be very limited, inaccessible, and subject to much controversy. 

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Lebanon Special Emergency Social Protection Implementation Support Project

Yemen Safe Motherhood Voucher Program

Jordan Employer Driven Skills Development Project

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A Review of Egypt's Higher Education 

Employment Dynamics Among University Graduates in Tunisia (in French)

Shaping the Future - A Long Term Perspective of People and Job Mobility for the Middle East and North Africa

The Road Not Traveled: Education Reform in the Middle East and North Africa
Youth: An Undervalued Asset: Towards a New Agenda in the Middle East and North Africa - Progress, Challenges and Ways Forward
West Bank and Gaza: Reforming prudently under Pressure - Health Policy Report (pdf)

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What's New

Nov 28, 2012Increased Targeting of Key Populations Can Accelerate End of Global HIV Epidemic
Sep 12, 2012South Sudan Doubles Primary Enrollments, but Must Stop Dropouts, Boost Learning, and Reach More Poor Rural Children
May 31, 2012Universities through the Looking Glass
Apr 25, 2012Food Prices Rise Again on Higher Oil Prices and Adverse Weather
Apr 20, 2012Developing World Lags on Global Targets Related to Food and Nutrition, Says IMF-World Bank Report

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