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Study Program Objective & Implementation

The overall objective of the Study Program is to investigate the feasibility of reversing the environmental degradation of the Dead Sea Region by transferring water from the Red Sea.

The Study Program is being overseen by a Technical Steering Committee composed of representatives of the Government of Jordan, the Government of Israel, the Palestinian National Authority and the World Bank.

The overall objective of the Study Program is achieved through: a Feasibility Study, an Environmental and Social Assessment (including a Study of Alternatives), a Red Sea Modeling Study, a Dead Sea Modeling Study and a Panel of Experts. The first two major studies were awarded in April 2008, and the additional two technical studies will be awarded shortly, following World Bank procurement policies and procedures. The studies, which are conducted in parallel, will take about 36 months to complete and according to the revised schedule should be completed in June 2011.  Draft and final reports from the studies will be disclosed to the public at various points in the study process. 

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