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Are there updates I can receive via e-mail on new loans, studies, and initiatives?
In addition to a broad range of thematic newsletters which include poverty, health, AIDS, water and sanitation programs and economic growth, the Bank also produces regional and country updates which highlight recently approved projects, publications, and other major initiatives.

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What should I do if I have evidence of fraud or corruption in procurement or implementation of a project being financed by the World Bank? What can individuals do if they feel their interests have been or could be directly harmed by a project financed by the World Bank?

Answers about fraud and corruption

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How could I get/read print version of World Bank publications?
A World Bank Public Information Center (PIC) is not available in Iraq. See other points of access.

Are there other libraries in Iraq that provide free access to World Bank publications?
The World Bank works with libraries to provide public access to World Bank reports. More information on accessing depository libraries.


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