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Loans & Credits

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Nov 29, 2011Lebanon, Morocco & Tunisia – Mediterranean Sustainable Governance and Knowledge Generation Project
Jun 09, 2011Regional Coordination for Improved Water Resources Management and Capacity Building Program
Dec 16, 2010Lebanon – Greater Beirut Water Supply Project
Nov 30, 2010Lebanon – The Second Education Development Project
Jan 22, 2009Lebanon: Urban Transport Development Project Additional Financing
Aug 02, 2007Lebanon: Reform Implementation Development Policy Loan
Aug 26, 2003Lebanon: Revenue Enhancement And Fiscal Management Technical Assistance Project
Apr 17, 2003Lebanon - Cultural Heritage and Urban Development Project
Jun 13, 2002Lebanon: Urban Transport Development Project
Jun 04, 2002Lebanon - Ba'albeck Water And Wastewater Project
Jun 04, 2002Lebanon - Ba'albeck Water and Wastewater Project
Jun 26, 2001Lebanon: Community Development Project
Jun 23, 2000Lebanon: First Municipal Infrastructure Project
Mar 31, 2000Lebanon: General Education Project
Mar 19, 1998Lebanon Vocational and Technical Education Project
Feb 18, 1997Lebanon Coastal Pollution Control Project
Nov 27, 1996Lebanon Power Sector Restructuring and Transmission Expansion Project
Sep 12, 1996Lebanon Agricultural Development Project
Jul 11, 1996Lebanon National Roads Project
May 30, 1996Lebanon Emergency Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project

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