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Public Information Center (PIC)

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The PIC’s mission is to promote a broader public understanding of the Bank's role in the different countries and constitute a knowledge center and forum for dialogue and exchange.

The Lebanon PIC was established in partnership with the Institute of Finance in January 2005. Housed in the Library of Finance, it provides visitors with access to various documents on the World Bank portfolio of projects in Lebanon, sector reports, and other World Bank publications. The center also organizes events to further promote the exchange of ideas on key issues facing the country’s development.

In keeping with its World Bank policy of disclosure, which aims to introduce its activities and explain its work to the widest possible audience, a new disclosure policy of operational information was approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors in August 1993. As part of that policy, the PIC was established to make available to the public a range of operational documents that were restricted to official users.

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Lebanon Public Information Center

Library of Finance
Institue of Finance
512, Corniche el Nahr,
Syndicate of Pharmacists Building, 4th Floor
Tel: 961-1-426 177

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm


Contact Persons

Ms. Josiane Chebly Kfoury, Librarian
Ms. Sawsane Jouni, Librarian assistant

For more Information, please contact

Zeina El Khalil

PIC Services

Useful Links

  • Access to Bank publications

  • Online access to World Bank projects, documents and reports

  • Access to extensive cataloguing system

  • Access to CDs and videotapes on development


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