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Movement and Access in West Bank and Gaza

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Bullet Bi-Monthly Gaza Report (.pdf)  Bullet Monthly West Bank Report (.pdf)
Bullet Annual Report for Gaza (.pdf)Bullet Annual Report for West Bank (.pdf)
Publications Supervised by the World Bank 
Bullet August 2010Challenges Facing ICTsector in Palestine by The Palestine Trade Center, Funded by the Government of Norway 
Bullet February 2010  Obtaining Visas for Investors by The Palestine Trade Center, Funded by the Government of Norway  
World Bank Publications

Bullet April 2009

Assessment of Restrictions on Water Sector Development 

Bullet October  2008

The Economic Effects of Restricted Access to Land in the West Bank (.pdf)

Bullet September 2008

An Analysis of the Economic Restrictions Confronting the West Bank and Gaza: Access to Economies of Scale, to Natural Resources and to Investment Horizon (.pdf)

Bullet May 2007

Movement and Access Restrictions in the West Bank: Uncertainty and Inefficiency in the Palestinian Economy (.pdf)

Bullet April 2007

West Bank and Gaza Investment Climate Assessment: Unlocking the Potential of the Private Sector (.pdf)

Bullet March 2007

Potential Alternatives for Palestinian Trade: Developing the Rafah Trade Corridor (.pdf)

Bullet August 2006

Palestinian Movement, Access & Trade (.pdf)

Bullet February 2006

Interim Assessment of Passages and Trade Facilitation (.pdf)

Bullet November 2005

Agreement on Movement & Access
The Passages-Technical Elaboration (.pdf)

Bullet November 2005

Papers on Movement & Access
Contributions to a Negotiated Solution


Bullet September 2005

Linking Gaza and the West Bank: Convoys (.pdf)

Bullet August 2005

A Pilot Terminal in Gaza

Bullet July 2005

The "Door to Door" Movement of Goods (.pdf)

Bullet July 2005

Palestinian Short-Term Task at Karni


Bullet June 2005

An Assessment of Progress in Improving Passages and Trade Facilitation

Bullet June 2005

Schematic for Cross-Border Terminal Operations




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