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Economic Developments

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Economic Monitoring Note

September 2013 



Bullet November 2012

Economic Monitoring Note


Bullet July 2012

Economic Monitoring Note


Bullet March 2011

Mobility Restrictions and Labor Market Dynamics in Conflict fected West Bank and Gaza

Bullet December 2008

Financial Sector Review


Bullet September 2008


Economic Developments


Bullet June 2008

Economic Developments and Prospects


Bullet March 2008


Economic Developments and Prospects


Bullet December 2007

Investing in Palestinian Economic Reform and Development (.pdf)
World Bank Statement | Press Release

Bullet September 2007

Two Years after London: Restarting Palestinian Economic Recovery - Main Report (.pdf)
Annexes (.pdf)

Bullet April 2007

World Bank Public Expenditure Review: From Crisis to Greater Fiscal Independence
Vol. 1 (.pdf) | Vol.2 (.pdf)

Bullet September 2006

Country Economic Memorandum: Growth in West Bank and Gaza Opportunities & Constraints (.pdf)

Bullet May 2006

Impending Palestinian Fiscal Crisis - Potential Remedies (.pdf)

Bullet March 2006

Economic Update & Potential Outlook (.pdf)

Bullet February 2006

The Palestinian Economy and the PA's Fiscal Situation

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