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Egypt is among the world’s 10 most active reformers for the fourth time

The country moved up to 106 from 116 among 183 economies worldwide in the overall ease of ranking in doing business.  More

The World Bank gathers and shares a wide range of social and economic measures of development data to improve understanding of the challenges faced in each of the countries it assists.

Country Summaries                                
     Millennium Development Goals targets for reductions in poverty, improvements in health and education and protection of the environment (more
       Country Data Profile - intended for cross-country comparisons.  Note: May not always present the same data as the At-a-Glance tables below. 
       Egypt Data at-a-Glance - key poverty indicators tracing the trends in social and economic development over the last thirty years. 

      Information/ Communications/ Telecommunications (ICT), ICT infrastructure & access, Computers and the Internet, ICT expenditures, and ICT business & government environment. 
     Gender - country data sheets showing summary gender indicators, basic demographic data, population dynamics, labor force structure, and education and health statistics.
     Health Nutrition Population - summary indicators for health issues.
     Education - data on key education topics.
     Investment Climate Snapshot - indicators of the cost of doing business by identifying specific regulations that enhance or constrain business investment, productivity, and growth.
     Enterprise Surveys - Firm-level data used to benchmark the quality of the business environment in Egypt nd across countries.
   World Bank Debt Service -
debt service repayments for World Bank loans and/or credits. (about
   National External Debt - total external debt (joint OECD, Bank for International Settlements, IMF, World Bank) 

Global data
   World Development Report 2008 - Agriculture for Development (Data, research etc..) 
   Global Monitoring Report 2008 - Confronting Challenges of Gender Equality and Fragile States
   Economic prospects 2008 - Technology Diffusion in the Developing World
   World Development Indicators 2008 - Data and Statistics per country  
   Doing Business - Data and Statistics per country. Egypt Ranks among Top Reformers in Doing Business 2006 | Press release
   Development online Atlas  
   World Bank Annual Report 2007 

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