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Tsunami Relief in India: Housing - Introduction

Tsunami Relief in India: Housing
More than 55,000 houses were destroyed by the tsunami in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. The poor were the worst affected. A massive reconstruction program aims to rebuild better.
Example of Impact:
• NGOs are building 40,000 houses in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.
• The remaining 15,000 houses are to be funded by the World Bank.
• By mid-2006, most of those who lost their homes will have moved into modern new housing.
• Communities were involved in selecting building sites and designing houses
• New houses are being equipped with modern conveniences
• Fishing families will now own their house and the land it stands on
• To ensure women's rights, houses will be registered jointly in the name of husband and wife
Challenges Remaining:
Part of the World Bank's $528.5 million assistance for tsunami reconstruction in India will finance provision of electricity, street-lighting, water, paved roads, and sanitation in the new settlements. Schools, dispensaries, cyclone shelters, etc. will also be provided.

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