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Tsunami Relief India Livelihoods - Intro

Tsunami Relief in India's eastern coast. Restoring livelihoods
The annihilation of the traditional fishing fleet in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry crippled the local economy.
Example of Impact:
A year after the tsunami, the frenzy of rebuilding has breathed new life into the area with boat builders, bricklayers, carpenters and masons coming from faraway states to help. Most fishermen are back to sea. Small businesses that depend on fishing have resumed.
• Help fishermen get back to sea as soon as possible to kick-start local economic activity
• Restore social and economic linkages by promoting community participation in the rebuilding of livelihoods
Challenges Remaining:
With livelihoods now being restored, the next step is upgrading infrastructure.
Also, reconstruction has left the area with too many boats which could affect long-term fishing in the region. A World Bank grant is funding a study to determine the sustainability of fishing in the coastal waters.

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