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Tsunami Relief -Galle, Sri Lanka- Intro

Tsunami Relief in Galle, Sri Lanka
K.G. Nadeeka Dilan, a mechanic in Sri Lanka, lost his daughter, 13 relatives, a house and a job in the tsunami. For thousands of survivors like him, rebuilding means much more than satisfying physical needs.
Example of Impact:
Dilan was given assistance to set up a temporary camp for family and neighbors, a total of 63 families. He coordinated grants and assistance from NGOs and government agencies to help camp dwellers. He himself is back in business now.
Help Tsunami victims revive their communities - a restoration of lives, livelihoods and social networks - by supporting participation and community leaders like Dilan.
Challenges Remaining:
The task of helping tsunami-affected communities get back together is enormous. Community leaders are playing a pivotal role in easing the process.

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