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Tsunami Sri Lanka - Business - Intro

The hard road to business recovery in Sri Lanka
When L.W. Chandrakanthi lost her home and business in the tsunami, her biggest worry was money to keep her children in school. Like her, thousands needed help to tackle urgent needs.
Example of Impact:
Chandrakanthi received four $50 cash grants designed to help survivors during the initial recovery period. With help from friends, the family restaurant is back in business.
A $34 million World Bank project financed four rounds of cash grants of $50 to over 200,000 tsunami-affected families. The aim was to inject money into the communities and help people kick-start their livelihoods before reconstruction began.
Challenges Remaining:
One year after the devastation, the needs of tsunami survivors are still great. Thousands are living in new houses; others, like Chandrakanthi, are still waiting in temporary shelters for their houses to be completed.

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