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Tsunami Assistance - Outcomes in South Asia

December 2005 - One year after the tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands, there is progress to report. Houses are being rebuilt, businesses are operating, and communities are becoming whole again. But given the enormity of the disaster, many challenges remain.

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Reports on Tsunami Recovery

Maldives: One Year Report (pdf) | Sri Lanka: One Year Report (pdf)

Tsunami Recovery in India

Communities shape own recovery

Lists of goods and houses lost were drawn up and endorsed by community members in Cuddalore. Most boats, nets and engines have been replaced. 55,000 families are moving into newly built houses.

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Massive reconstruction underway

Some 55,000 houses were destroyed by the tsunami in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry alone. By mid-next year, most of those who lost their homes will have moved into modern new housing.

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Survivors back in business

With livelihoods being restored in India’s eastern coast, the next step is upgrading infrastructure. But reconstruction has left the area with too many boats which could affect long-term fishing.

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Local officials, key to saving lives

A week after the tsunami, almost all casualties had been recovered in Nagapattinam, water and electricity was restored, looting avoided, and the threat of an outbreak of disease had disappeared.

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Key Statistics on Tsunami Recovery in India

Tsunami Recovery in Sri Lanka

Survivors lead and rebuild

Tsunami victims have revived their businesses and social networks in Galle, Sri Lanka, thanks to the role of local leaders like K.G. Nadeeka Dilan, mechanic who found himself in this new role.

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Local leaders gave shelter, hope

Survivors sought refuge in temples after the tsunami. In Ahangama, providing food and shelter became the task of local leaders. Chief priest the Reverend Rakava Assaji Thero was one of them.

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Grants help start anew

Grants of $50 to over 200,000 tsunami-affected families injected money in the economy and helped people kick start their livelihoods even before reconstruction began. L.W. Chandrakanthi was among the recepients.

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Limited data and growing concerns

As of November 2005, some 10,000 houses damaged by the tsunami outside the “buffer zone” have been repaired or rebuilt. A further 55,000 houses are currently under construction.

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Key Statistics on Tsunami Recovery in Sri Lanka

More information on Tsunami Recovery in All Affected Countries in Asia

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