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Doing Business with Us

The World Bank generates business opportunities for suppliers of goods and services around the world. These include selling to:


  • Government agencies implementing World Bank-financed projects.
  • World Bank directly, to support its internal operations.

This page contains basic information on how to do business with the World Bank. For more details, consult the Business Center.


Types of Business Opportunities:

l- Projects financed with World Bank funds:
Government agencies in borrower countries are responsible for purchasing goods and services for Bank-financed projects. The Bank monitors procurement to ensure it is efficient, competitive and transparent.

II- Corporate goods and services:

The World Bank regularly seeks qualified vendors to supply goods and services and fills these contracts through open competition.

  • General Information:
    Guidelines, World Bank procurement process, advisory desks, etc.
  • Vendor Registration

    Instructions to become a World Bank vendor, the first step to selling goods or services to the World Bank. (PDF 36 KB)

  • Corporate Procurement:
    Database listing most recent requests for proposals.

III. Consultant work:

The World Bank uses a variety of consulting services from individuals and firms for operational and administrative work in Washington, DC and in country offices.

  • Register as a consultant:
    Sign in with DACON, a database that allows the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and borrowing countries to see the qualifications of consulting firms.

Current Opportunities:

  • DG Market:
    Tenders and procurement opportunities from donors and governments in 17 different categories.
  • UN Development Business:

    Opportunities generated through the World Bank and other development agencies

Opportunities in South Asia: 

  • Monthly Operational Summary:
    List of new projects being considered by Bank staff and contact information for key officials.
  • Procurement Plans:

    Documents listing all goods, works, and consulting contracts to be financed during project implementation.

  • Resources for Businesses:

    Compilation of useful links for businesses interested in doing business with the World Bank in South Asia.

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