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We have Stopped Mountains

India Header"Once the reconstruction is over, everything will be replaced for the better."
Every year, rains would wash away roads, footpaths, water bridges and crops due to soil erosion in Kiarad Kalog, a village in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas.
This is just one example of similar challenges facing thousands of villages in this area.

Example of Impact:
With World Bank support, dams, trees and grass have checked soil erosion, containing the damaging waters. This has spurred an economic revival in the project area
  • 235,000 hectares of land treated to reduce soil loss
  • Annual household incomes increased by 25%
  • Drinking supplies improved for 3,800 villages
  • Over 3,000 kilometers of rural roads, footpaths, and mule tracks repaired
  • Milk yields increased by 125%
  • Project driven by communities, women "motivators" as focal points
  • Committees identified priorities and worked out solutions
  • Beneficiaries contributed money and labor
  • Transparency in asset management was paramount
Challenges Remaining:
  • Scale up successful model to cover larger areas and more beneficiaries
  • Apply lessons learned to follow-up operations in three new states
  • Harmonize programs that cover natural resources in the area
  • Help local governments improve natural resource management

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