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14th SAARC Summit

World Bank Resources for SAARC Meeting, New Delhi, INDIA


While the energy demand in South Asia is growing rapidly, energy trade within the region as well as with its energy-rich neighbors is underutilized.

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South Asia has experienced unprecedented growth, averaging close to 6 percent per annum since the 1990s and this brought world’s attention to the region.

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Cost of trading across South Asian borders is one of the highest in the world. Often, costs of trading across borders can exceed other costs of doing business.

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Transport and Trade Facilitation

Trade within South Asia can be more than doubled if appropriate regional agreements on roads, rail, air, and shipping are put in place enabling seamless movement.

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About 20% percent of South Asian population lacks access to water services. Access to water is central to sustain the recent high economic growth and in reducing poverty.

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Doing Business in South Asia

Doing Business Report covers 8 countries in the World Bank's South Asia region and examines 12 major cities in India, 6 in Pakistan, and 4 in Bangladesh.

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