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Education in South Asia

Education in South Asia

Education Data

Data from the World Bank's comprehensive education statistics database, which compiles data from a variety of national and international sources and provides information on key education topics.

Education Briefs

  • - Brief on Education in South Asia
  • - Afghanistan: Education is a critical ingredient to poverty alleviation and economic growth.
  • - Bangladesh: Large strides towards universal primary enrolment for both girls and boys has been taken.
  • - Bhutan: Recently achieved universal primary enrolment.
  • - India: Education is key to enhance competitiveness in the global economy.
  • - Maldives: The Maldives provides primary education for all.
  • - Nepal: Community management of schools have achieved improvements in overall education.
  • - Pakistan:  Education is key for progress.
  • - Sri Lanka: In education, Sri Lanka is one of the best performing countries in South Asia.


World Bank education projects in all South Asian countries


World Bank research and analysis on education topics in all South Asian countries.

- Publications on Education

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