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South Asia Regional Cooperation

South Asia Regional Cooperation and Integration
Promoting Economic Cooperation in South Asia

Promoting Economic Cooperation in South Asia

The report looks at many policy constraints that have made South Asia one of the least integrated regions of the world.

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GDLN Events on Regional Cooperation

South Asian regional cooperation dialogue

Discussions among the various government and civil society stakeholders on issues of regional cooperation in South Asia. The goal is to explore the opportunities and challenges of regional cooperation.

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Growth and Regional Integration

Growth & Regional Integration

South Asia is the least integrated region in the world. Closer integration can be an effective tool in addressing energy shortage, improve connectivity, and promote peace and stability.

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Energy Trade

Prospects for Regional Energy Trade

Energy endowments differ among the South Asian countries, but energy trade in the region is low. Only India, Bhutan, and Nepal currently trade electricity.

Regional Energy Trade

Trade & Transport Facilitation

Trade & Transport Facilitation

South Asia has moved from import substitution to more liberal trade policies and export promotion, and its international trade has grown very rapidly.

Trade & Transport Facilitation

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News and Events on Regional Integration in South Asia

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