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Gender in South Asia

Gender in South Asia
Gender in South Asia
Gender issues in South Asia represent a complex challenge. In most countries women have experienced improved access to services and credit markets. However, despite the recent economic growth, dramatic gender inequities persist in South Asia.

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- South Asia Gender Data
- Gender Data by Theme

Gender Data by Country
- Afghanistan
- Bangladesh
- Bhutan
- India
- Nepal
- Pakistan
- Sri Lanka


- Presentation: Preventing Violence Against Women in India (pdf)
- Announcement: SAGE Addressing Violence Against Women in India (pdf)
- SAGE Newsletter Issue 3 (pdf)
- SAGE Newsletter Issue 2 (pdf)
- SAGE Newsletter Issue 1 (pdf)
- Gender and Nutrition
- Gender and Youth
- Recent Events
- Reforms Reaching Rural Afghanistan
- Afghanistan: Access to Health Services
- Girls in schools tripled in Bangladesh
- Girls' Stipend Program in Pakistan
- Increased Incomes for 8 Million Women in India


- International Health, Nutrition, & Gender in Development Presentation

- Social Observatory for Livelihoods (pdf)




- Pakistan: Social Accountability and Youth Initiative (South Asia Youth)
- Bangladesh: Northern Area Reduction-of-Poverty Initiative (NARI)
- Afghanistan: Adolescent Girls Initiative (AGI)
- Nepal: AGEI (Adolescent Girls Initiative)
- India: Andhra Pradesh Rural Poverty Reduction Project
- India: Helping Poor Women Producers to Access Global Markets
- Pakistan: A Plan to Get Girls in School


- Whispers to Voices: Gender and Social Transformation in Bangladesh
- Role of Women in Afghanistan's Future
- Bangladesh: Maternal and Child Mortality: Trends and Projections
- Pakistan: Country Gender Assessment
- Do Traditional Axes of Exclusion Affect Labor Market Outcomes in India?


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