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South Asia Regional Cooperation GDLN Dialogue series

South Asia: Regional Cooperation and Integration

South Asia: Regional Cooperation and Integration

South Asia Regional Cooperation GDLN Dialogue series

The multi country videoconference is part of a series of South Asian regional cooperation GDLN dialogue being organized by the World Bank with an objective to initiate, enrich and take forward the discussion among the various Government and civil society stakeholders on various issues of regional cooperation in South Asia. The goal is to build understanding/deepening knowledge among the stakeholders including the policy makers and the civil society on the opportunities, challenges and the way ahead.

Recent and Forthcoming Events:

March 4, 2009
Promoting Development of Lagging Regions in South Asia (North West Region)
- Summary of Discussion

January 21, 2009
Enhancing Trade in South Asia's North East Region

December 4, 2008
Competitive Funds for Higher Education Globally and Experiences in South Asia

November 5, 2008
South-South Cooperation between Africa and South Asia on Information and Communication Technologies

September 9, 2008
Sustainable Housing Finance for the South Asia Region
- Summary of Discussion

June 17, 2008
Potential and Prospects for Regional Energy Trade in the South Asia Region

May 13, 2008
Unity, Not Uniformity: Changing the Regional Development Debate

April 24, 2008
Global Slowdown and Rising Food Prices – Implications for South Asia
- Summary of Discussion

April 22, 2008
Migration and Remittances in South Asia

April 8, 2008
Imperatives for South Asia to attract foreign portfolio investment in the domestic bond markets
- Summary of Discussion

April 3, 2008
Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade facilitation and Transit trade: Challenges and opportunities

March 13, 2008
Strengthening links between South Asia and Africa - Trade and Growth Dialogue
- Summary of Discussion

March 11, 2008
South Asian Research, Education and Innovation
- Summary of Discussion

January 8, 2008
Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy
- Summary of Discussion

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