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Knowledge Management and Decentralization

Decentralization Briefing Notes:
The notes are designed to highlight the broad range of issues that need to be considered with regard to decentralization. They provide brief overviews of the many different aspects of decentralization and summarize key issues that need to be considered by practitioners. Each note, prepared originally for a World Bank website to help Bank staff understand the multi-dimensional aspects of decentralization, is meant to help readers understand the cross-cutting nature of decentralization and the importance of a comprehensive approach.

PREM Notes:
The PREM Note series are intended to summarize good practice and key policy findings on Economic Policy, Gender, Governance and Public Sector Reform, and Poverty.

Other Knowledge Management Resources:
- Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations and Local Finance Management
- Public Finance Decentralization and Poverty Reduction
- Municipal Reform / Parliamentary Strengthening
- Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability
- Public Finance Policies for Poverty Reduction Public Sector Management and Reform
- Tax Policy in Developing Countries
- Governance and the Financial Sector
- Judicial Reform
- Governance Databank
- Governance Diagnostic Capacity Building
- Other Related Topics

Institutes Dealing with Decentralization Related Activities

Sri Lanka
Constitution (Government of Sri Lanka):
Government Official Website:
Information Portal:
Provincial Councils:
Ministry of Justice (official site):
Ministry of Finance: |
Department of National Budget:
Inland Revenue::
Central Bank:
Department of Management Services:
Public Administration :
Government Gazette:
Policy/Think Tanks:
Holidays :

Rajya Sabha:
Government of India Directory:
Ministry of Panchayati Raj:
India Code:
Ministry of Finance:
Center and State finances:
Report of the 10th Finance Commission:
Central Bank of India:
Directory of Official Government Websites:
Ministry of Law and Justice:
Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation:
Ministry of Rural Development:

Constitution (Bangladesh Parliament):
Government of Bangladesh (official website):
Bangladesh Parliament (official website):
Bangladeshi Government :
Ministry of Finance:
Ministry of Law and Justice:
Ministry of Social Welfare:
Ministry of Water Resources:
Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives:
Ministry of Lands:

Nepal Home Page Government and Politics Directory:
Constitution of Nepal:
Local Bhaktapur Municipality:
Kathmandu Metropolitan City:
Key Nepalese Ministries:
Ministry of Finance:
Ministry of Local Development:
Ministry /Department of Education:
Ministry of Agriculture:

Government: Islamic Republic of Pakistan (official website)
Information and News:
Punjab - Government of Punjab:
Sindh - Government of Sindh:
Ministry of Finance:
Ministry of Education - Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE):
Ministry of Environment, Local Government and Rural Development:
Ministry of Water and Power:
National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB):

International Organizations
United Nations Development Program:

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
- Sri Lanka: |
- India: | (Res Rep Office)
- Nepal: | (Res Rep Office)
- Bangladesh: | (Res Rep Office)
- Pakistan: | (Res Rep Office)

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