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HIV and AIDS in South Asia

HIV and AIDS in South Asia

Report Charts Roadmap for Sexual Minorities in India: The World Bank South Asia regional AIDS team has released a paper outlining the status of lesbian, gay, and transgender people in India and suggesting ways to increase their access to government services.

South Asia Country HIV/AIDS Profile

Country HIV/AIDS Profiles

- Afghanistan
- Bangladesh
- Bhutan
- India
- Maldives
- Nepal
- Pakistan
- Sri Lanka
- South Asia Region

South Asia Country HIV/AIDS Profile

What's New

- Blog: Empowering Gender Minorities in South Asia

- World AIDS Day 2011: South Asia -India Averting 3 Million HIV Infections

- Regional Opium Substitution Therapy (OST) Workshop
Maldives, September 2011

- Stigma Action Network

- Reducing Stigma in the Health Care Setting
Training of Healthcare Providers, Delhi, January 2011 (pdf)

- South-to-South Exchange on Harm Reduction
Maldives and Bangladesh Delegates Visit Malaysia, January 2011 (pdf)

South Asia Country HIV/AIDS Profile

Fact Sheets

- Transport and Other Infrastructure
- Finance and Private Sector
- Education: has a key role in the HIV/AIDS response
- Agriculture and Rural Development: Risk among Rural Populations
- Social Development
- Legal Notes: for Protection of Human Rights & Discrimination
- Epidemiology
- Injecting Drug Users and Harm Reduction

South Asia Country HIV/AIDS Profile

Regional Activities

- South Asia Blog: HIV and AIDS Related Entries
- HIV Legal Services- a South Asian VC, January 2012
- Regional Knowledge Forum & Presentations, March 2010
- XVIII International AIDS Conference Vienna, July 18-23, 2010
- SARAIDS: ICAAP9 Conference
- Development Marketplace: Tackling HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination: From Insights to Action
- Development Marketplace Partnership Awards US$1 Million, May 15, 2008
- India: 3rd National AIDS Control Project
- Tackling HIV In India: The Challenge Ahead (Feature Story)


- Afghanistan: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
- Bangladesh: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
- Bhutan: HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention and Control Project
- India: Third National HIV/AIDS Control Project
- Nepal: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
- Pakistan: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
- Sri Lanka: National HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
- More Projects


- Tackling HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination in South Asia
- 20 Years of HIV in Bangladesh Experiences and Way Forward
- HIV and AIDS in South Asia: An Economic Development Risk
- Applying India's Business Skills to Improve Public Health Outcomes (pdf)
- Strengthening M&E of HIV/AIDS Components in Road Projects (pdf)
- Inclusive IT Sector Responses to the HIV and AIDS Challenge (pdf)
- Afghanistan: Populations at High Risk of HIV in Three Cities (pdf)
- Corporate Responses to HIV/AIDS: Case Studies from India
- AIDS in South Asia
- HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in India

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Development Marketplace: Tackling HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination


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