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Injecting Drug Users and Harm Reduction

Prevents or reduces negative health consequences associated with certain behaviors.

Kolkata Inter-Country Consultation on Prevention of HIV among IDUs.An inter-country consultation on preventing HIV among IDUs was held in Kolkata, India in April, 2007. The consultation was cosponsored by UNODC, DFID, AusAID, SIDA, the India National AIDS Control Organization and the West Bengal State AIDS Control Society and brought together more than 70 participants including country teams from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Preventing HIV Infection Among Injecting Drug Users in High Risk Countries:  A September 2006 Report Brief by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

World Health Organization Evidence for Action for HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care among Injecting Drug Users:  These papers are part of the WHO Evidence for Action on HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care among IDUs and are excellent reviews of the major interventions available.  WHO deserve credit and thanks for sponsoring these reviews and making them available to help countries adopt evidence based interventions for IDUs.

Harm Reduction and HIV/AIDS in Iran: A World Bank co-authored paper summarizes the findings of a consultation on HIV prevention among injecting drug users held in Iran in April 2006. Participants learned how Iran has implemented comprehensive harm-reduction programs.

Drug Injection and HIV/AIDS in Asia: A 2005 report by MAP (Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic) summarizes what researchers have learned about the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS within Asian Injecting Drug User (IDU) networks and discusses the programmatic implications of those findings.

IDU interventions in Bangladesh: A presentation highlighting a successful model from a resource-poor setting, by Dr. Munir Ahmed, Team Leader-UNICEF-HAPP, HIV Program, CARE Bangladesh, July 2005.

The Drug User's Perspective: This short documentary produced by the Asian Harm Reduction Network and financed by the World Bank gives voice to drug users and ex drug users in five Asian countries. They talk about how they first started using drugs, their lack of knowledge in how to avoid the health risks of sharing needles, social stigmatization, discrimination and marginalization, July 2005.

Harm Reduction Journal: An online journal published by BioMed Central

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