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National Solidarity Program III


Project Title: National Solidarity Program III

Grant Amount: US$ 500 million

Approval Date: January 24, 2011

Closing Date: September 30, 2015

Program Objective

The development objective of the National Solidarity Program III is to build, strengthen, and maintain community development councils (CDCs) as effective institutions for local governance and social-economic development.

Program Summary

The National Solidarity Program (NSP III) is now in its third phase, known as NSP III. Since 2002, the project has established over 22,400 Community Development Councils throughout Afghanistan who have prepared over 22,300 Community Development Plans and completed over 42,500 sub-projects. About 79 percent of the sub-projects develop productive infrastructure: water supply & sanitation (24 percent), rural roads (23 percent), irrigation (16 percent), village electrification (15 percent). To date, the project has disbursed over US$ 1 billion of which US$ 700 million has gone directly to community bank accounts. NSP Phase III plans to achieve full national coverage and has a budget of US$ 1.5 billion of which over US$ 1 billion will go directly to communities. Under NSP III, communities are also being encouraged to “cluster” – working with neighboring villages to pool their grants and invest in larger infrastructure for the benefit of all the clustered communities and a sense of greater solidarity.

The new third phase of the NSP is funding activities for; (a) establishment and capacity building of Community Development Councils (CDCs) and their federations (cluster CDCs); (b) continuing roll-out of the NSP to the remaining 10,320 communities not yet covered by the program and scaling up support for local economic and social development through provision of repeater block grants to 17,400 rural communities; and (c) program implementation management support, including program monitoring and evaluation.

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