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Kabul-Aybak/Mazar-e-Sharif Power Project


Project Title: Kabul-Aybak/Mazar-e-Sharif Power Project

Grant Amount: US$57 million

Approval Date: October 4, 2007

Closing Date: March 31, 2013

Program Objective

The development objective of the Kabul-Aybak/Mazar-e-Sharif Power Project is to help provide reliable and quality power to the consumers in the target areas of the city of Kabul and Aybak.

Program Summary

The Kabul-Aybak/Mazar-e-Sharif Power Project is providing reliable and quality power to consumers in the target areas of the cities of Kabul, Aybak, and Mazare-Sharif. The project supports investments: i) for strengthening the low voltage (LV) distribution network through rehabilitation/upgrading of old and dilapidated infrastructure in parts of the capital city of Kabul with the aim of improving the reliability and quality of electricity supply and services in the target areas, as well as accountability of power utility; and ii) building a 220/20 kV substation and associated 20 kV lines at Aybak to provide quality, reliable and clean grid power to the residents of Aybak town.

The project also funds institutional capacity building for operation and maintenance of the distribution systems; the establishment, operation and hand-over (to DABM (S)) a customer care center in the target area, project management support for Aybak power system investments, etc.

The project supports investments to build metering infrastructure to improve the utilities, accountability and commercial management practices in these areas.

The project has four components: (i) Component 1: Distribution System Rehabilitation of part of Kabul City network; (ii) Component 2: 220 kV Substation at Aybak and interconnection with medium voltage system; (iii) Component 3: Power System Rehabilitation for Mazar-e-Sharif; and (iv) Component 4: Institutional capacity building/support.

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