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Oct 13, 2012ARAPAC Conference in the Maldives : calling resolution on Supreme Audit Institutions
Sep 06, 2012Global Skills Summit 2012
Aug 03, 2012Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Knowledge Sharing between Japan and India
Jul 24, 2012Development Dialogue on Poverty and Inequality
Jun 22, 2012From Aid to Broader Partnerships: Challenges and Opportunities - Liveblog and Webcast
Jun 12, 2012Mobile Learning in Affordable Private Schools in India
Jun 12, 2012South Asia Regional Knowledge Forum on Improving Infant and Young Child Nutrition
Apr 26, 2012BBL - Does India's Employment Scheme guarantee employment? How much impact does it have on poverty? Evidence for Bihar
Apr 23, 2012Pakistan: The Untold Story
Apr 19, 2012Breaking Down Barriers: A New Dawn in Trade and Regional Cooperation in South Asia

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