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Afghanistan: ½ of the GDP comes from agriculture, not including the illicit opium economy...More Button

Bangladesh: Of the 80% of the population that lives in rural areas, 54% work in agriculture... More Button

Bhutan: 1/3 of the GDP comes from agriculture, and is a key source of income, employment, and food security for most Bhutanese...More Button

India: Some 72% of the India’s 1.1 billion people live in rural areas...More Button

MaldivesFisheries accounts for 8 percent of the country's GDP... 

Nepal: The country’s challenge is to transform subsistence agriculture based on low-value cereals into a commercial economic activity... More Button

Pakistan: 40% of the country’s labor force works in agriculture, which accounts for 22% of the GDP...More Button

Sri Lanka: Agriculture accounts for only 17% of the GDP, yet 80% of the population lives in rural areas... More Button  

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