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Public Procurement

Sound  public procurement policies and practices are essential to good governance. One of the main responsibilities of the Bank's procurement sector is to help borrower countries improve their procurement systems.

ICT in governments in South Asia

Increasingly, governments are using information and communications technologies to become more accessible, effective and accountable. E-applications have resulted in significant savings in public procurement, tax collections and customs operations. Placing budget information online makes governments more transparent and accountable.

The World Bank’s ICT strategy for South Asia region proposes a 3-year implementation plan that would start with a first-year focus on e-Government related issues, followed by second and third year broader roll-out of other sectoral ICT applications and approaches. The initial e-Government program aims to develop a more coordinated and comprehensive analytical approach to e-Government issues, to build internal capacity and knowledge, and to help promote innovative projects with a focus on reaching underserved.




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