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Growthin South Asia
Growth in South Asia

Since 1980, South Asia has grown at an annual average rate of 5.5%, making it the second fastest growing region in the world, after East Asia. This translates into per capita GDP growth of 3.4% per year.

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- Regional growth forecast
- Millennium Development Goals


Afghanistan | Bangladesh | India
Nepal | Pakistan | Sri Lanka


- Afghanistan: Institution Building Project
- Bangladesh: Development Support Credit
- Nepal: Poverty Reduction Support Credit Project
- Pakistan: Poverty Reduction Support Credit Project


- Bangladesh: Strategy for Sustained Growth
- Growth and Regional Integration
- India: Development Policy Review
- End of Multi-Fibre Arrangement (MFA): Options for Bangladesh garment industry
- Nepal: Development Policy Review
- Pakistan: Growth and Export Competitivenes

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- Bangladesh Paradox: Does Governance Matter to Growth?
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