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Tsunami: Impact and Recovery


Feb. 14, 2005

The numbers are stunning - damages caused by the tsunami are nearly two-thirds of the archipelago's annual domestic economic output.  Tourism was most affected, with losses of US$100 million (though half of that is covered by insurance).      

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Download the report (310 kb adobe pdf)

Download Annexes (adobe pdf)

Annex 1 Macroeconomic impact   (337 kb)

Annex 2 Social Impact Assessment   (105 kb)

Annex 3 Livelihoods and Safety Nets   (121 kb)

Annex 4 Education   (172 kb)

Annex 5 Health   (117 kb)

Annex 6 Housing   (113 kb)

Annex 7 Water and Sanitation   (141 kb)

Annex 8 Tourism   (130 kb)

Annex 9 Fisheries   (89 kb)

Annex 10 Agriculture   (105 kb)

Annex 11 Transport (107 kb)


Annex 12-Power Sector
part 1   (126 kb)  |  part 2   (54 kb) | part 3 (55 kb)

Annex 13 Environment (161 kb)


Annex 14 Gender (102 kb)


Annex 15 Disaster Management (130 kb)



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Counting the Cost:
The Human Toll

Although traumatized, island communities have shown a strong sense of independence, resilience and cohesion in mobilizing. 

Prepared by:
Asian Development Bank
The World Bank
The United Nations

Counting the Cost:
By the Numbers
The greatest economic need is to rebuild tourism, which represents nearly a third of estimated financing – US$100 million.

Preliminary Estimates of Losses and Financing Needs



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