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Maldives Tsunami Recovery: The World Bank Responds

Updated December 2005

In the Maldives, the World Bank partnered with donors to determine the scale of the damage and is providing financial support to help jumpstart livelihoods. 

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Report: MaldivesOne Year after the Tsunami

Maldives One Year After the Tsunami ReportDecember 2005—One year after the Asian Tsunami of December 26, 2004, considerable progress has been made in the Maldives towards easing the hardship and physical devastation that was inflicted on the country. This is due in no small measure to the close cooperation between the government, development partners, and local communities, which has enabled the Maldives to look toward 2006 with renewed hope.

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Tackling a Budget Crisis

Maldives PanoramaOctober 2005—The World Bank is set to increase support for the Maldives, a country now struggling to pay for its teachers and other civil servants, in the wake of the tsunami and rising oil prices. The country now has a severe budget problem, partly stemming from the impact on the economy of a dramatic drop in the number of tourists since the tsunami.

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Learning From Disasters: Rebuilding Efforts


carJune 2005—As part of the reconstruction process, the World Bank has been giving cash grants to people in tsunami-affected areas. The grants have been used for cleaning up debris, repairing damaged homes and buildings and helping people resume their livelihoods.

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 Looking Ahead: Support for the Maldives

manMarch 2005—The World Bank approved US$14 million to assist the Maldives rebuild in the aftermath of the tsunami. The project will assist the government in its efforts to provide social services, restore lost livelihoods, and continue to build capacity to implement the reconstruction and rehabilitation program.

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 Report: Maldives Reconstruction Needs Assessment

March 2005—Damage is estimated to be approximately US$470 million, which is close to 62 percent of GDP in the Maldives. Most losses were concentrated in housing and tourism. About US$120 million of external financing will be required in the short term over the next six months.

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News and Events: Maldives Tsunami Recovery
Mar. 17, 2005 Maldives: World Bank Supports Tsunami Recovery Efforts (News Release)
Feb. 14, 2005 Maldives Needs US$304 Million For Tsunami Recovery And Reconstruction (News Release)
Jan. 13, 2005 Small Island States Call for Early Warning System to Avoid Losses from Future Disasters (Feature Story)

Jan. 10, 2005 World Bank President Visits Maldives Disaster-Affected Areas, Promises Full Support (News Release)

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Maldives: One Year After the Tsunami Dec. 2005


Maldives: Reconstruction and Needs Assessment Feb. 2005


Table 1: Estimates of Losses and Financing Needs


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