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World Bank International Essay Competition for Youth

Begins:   Jun 01, 2011 
Ends:   Jun 01, 2011 

The 2012 essay competition is currently on hold and may be postponed to later this year or 2013.  When we have more concrete information, we will post an announcement on this site.

We also continue to update the essay competition Facebook group

The Essay Competition is an annual worldwide competition targeting youths aged 18-25, managed by the World Bank’s Paris Office. Launched for the first time in 2004, its objective is to provide an opportunity for youth around the world to share their ideas on critical development issues.

The 2011 Competition on Youth Migration was launched on January 17, 2011. Young people around the world were invited to submit essays and videos responding to the following questions:

  • How has migration (international or internal, in
    a sending or a receiving country) affected you,
    your family, your community, or your country?
  • How do you perceive the benefits of migration
    (increased opportunities for young people, remittances)
    versus the risks (brain drain, illegal
    immigration and exploitation of young immigrants)?
  • What actions can you recommend for broadening
    opportunities for young migrants in their
    countries of destination and their countries of

Results of the 2011 International Essay Competition on Youth Migration

The competition attracted more than 2,000 submissions in English, French and Spanish from 140 countries (95% of submissions came from developing countries).

First place winner in the essay category
First place winner in the essay category, Arpitha Kodiveri with Carlos Braga, Special Representative and Director External Affairs, Europe

Essay Category Winners: 

Authors of best 22 essays, see list
Authors of best 200 essays, see list

Video Category Winners:

  • First place: Miriam Sabzevari (Canada), see video.
  • Second place: Antonio Borrego Aristu (Spain), see video.
  • Third place: Kelvin Mwita (Tanzania), see video.
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