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Civil Society Outreach

International development can only move ahead through partnerships among governments, donors, the private sector and civil society.

The World Bank recognizes that civil society organizations can amplify the voices of the poorest people in the decisions that affect their lives, and improve development effectiveness and sustainability. The World Bank has been working to strengthen cooperation with civil society groups for many years.

The World Bank's first operational policy note on relations with non governmental organizations (NGOs) was approved by the Bank's Board of Directors in 1981. The last several years, however, have witnessed a remarkable increase in the level of interaction and cooperation worldwide between the Bank and civil society groups and organizations, including NGOs, trade unions, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations and foundations.

In Europe, our activity with civil society organizations has two main components:

Policy dialogue consisting of: regular consultations with advocacy NGOs and Bank units to discuss issues of interest to NGOs; and round table discussions with operational and advocacy NGOs from around the world on global issues; and

Operational collaboration consisting of: dialogue with operational NGOs through information campaigns and linkage with Bank operational units.

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