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Sharing ideas between academics, researchers, and development practitioners

Researchers Alliance for Development (RAD) Network
External Affairs Europe wishes to engage academia, students and researchers interested in development issues. To this end, it has established the Researchers Alliance for Development (RAD) Network as a platform to increase interaction between the World Bank and the international research community. The RAD is an informal, multidisciplinary network of over 600 students and researchers worldwide interested in sharing ideas on development.

Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE)
Working in close collaboration with the World Bank's Development Economics Vice Presidency, External Affairs Europe contributes to the organization of the ABCDE - an annual conference presenting the latest research on development. The 2011 ABCDE conference, entitled "Broadening Opportunities for Development" will be held in Paris, France, May 30-June1, 2011 and carried out in partnership with the OECD. For more information see the conference website.

World Bank International Essay Competition
External Affairs Europe also organizes the annual World Bank International Essay Competition for young people aged 18 to 25. The competition asks young people to submit an essay or video on a selected development issue. Finalists are invited to attend the ABCDE conference and cash prizes are awarded. The 2011 competition on the topic of Youth Migration was launched in January with the deadline for submissions March 17, 2011. For more information see the essay competition website.

Presentations for student groups visiting one of the World Bank offices in Europe can be organized upon request, depending on staff and space availability. To inquire contact


ABCDE 2011

International Essay Competition 2011


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