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World Bank Management reaches out to Nordic Parliamentarians

Begins:   Nov 08, 2011 
Ends:   Nov 10, 2011 

World Bank Vice President for Concessional Finance, Mr. Axel van Trotsenburg
The World Bank meets with Parliamentarians in Finland:
Left to right: MP Astrid Thors (Swedish People's Party), MP Ilkka Kantola (Social Democratic Party), World Bank Vice President Axel van Trotsenburg, MP Sanna Lauslahti (National Coalition Party) and MP Elisabeth Nauclér (Swedish Parliamentary Group)

In November, Parliamentarians in Finland and Norway met with World Bank Senior Management to discuss development issues and the global economy.

On November 8, World Bank Vice President for Concessional Finance, Mr. Axel van Trotsenburg, met with members of the Finnish Parliament, in a meeting chaired by Mr. Kimmo Sasi of the National Coalition Party, Chair of the Finance Committee in Parliament. The World Bank commended Finland for its strong support for development assistance, and encouraged Finland to stay engaged in development. Axel van Trotsenburg also invited MPs to scrutinise the work of the World Bank, and to visit World Bank projects and country offices in the field, if or when travelling to developing countries. Parliamentarians were interested in the World Bank's views on the effectiveness and coordination of aid; how to best avoid corruption; and how the WB is helping countries benefit from natural resource revenues.

On November 9, World Bank Chief Economist Justin Lin met with the Finance Committee in the Norwegian Parliament. The discussions focused on how to support global growth, and the World Bank stressed the rising role of developing countries for global growth and highlighted that supporting investments in developing countries’ infrastructure could be a global win-win solution.

On November 10, Vice President Axel van Trotsenburg met with the Foreign Policy Committee in the Norwegian Parliment. The World Bank's move towards openness was welcomed, as well as the focus on outcomes and results. The discussion focused on the Bank's role in supporting the MDGs, and how it makes sense for Norway to stay engaged in multilateral fora, especially as new and emerging countries are increasing their global influence.



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