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Oslo - World Development Report 2012 presented in Norway

Begins:   Nov 28, 2011 
Ends:   Nov 28, 2011 

On November 28th, WDR Co-Director Ana Revenga and World Bank Gender Specialist Ana-Maria Munoz Boudet presented the World Development Report (WDR) 2012 on Gender Equality and Development in Oslo.

The Norwegian Minister of the Environment and International Development, Erik Solheim delivered the opening speech at the seminar, which was attended by around 60 representatives of civil society organizations, universities, the private sector and the government.

The presentation of key findings of the report was followed by a panel debate on the implications of the report for national and international policies with the World Bank team, State Secretary for International Development Ingrid Fiskaa, Karin Enodd (Norwegian Trade Union) and Professor Karl Ove Moene (University of Oslo).

The World Bank team also met with management and experts of the Norwegian technical development agency Norad. Participants asked how the WDR2012 would influence World Bank sector strategies; how the conclusions would feed into next year's World Development Report with a focus on jobs; how to address compounded gender differences in poor pockets and regions; the extent to which post conflict settings may present an opportunity to strengthen the role of women; and whether donors should change their policies on the basis of the report.

On November 29th, Ms. Revenga and Ms. Munoz Boudet met with the Center for Development and the Environment at the University of Oslo.

Video presentation of the WDR 2012:


WDR 2012


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