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Oslo - World Bank Vice President Rachel Kyte discussed the potential of Cultural Heritage Investments to support Inclusive Urban Development

Begins:   Apr 11, 2012 
Ends:   Apr 12, 2012 

Oslo on 11-12 April hosted the conference "Harnessing the Hidden Potential of Cities" bringing together more than 50 Norwegian and global experts from the traditionally separate fields of cultural heritage and slum upgrading and urban poverty reduction.
One of the objectives was to discuss whether and how cultural heritage investments can support inclusive urban development that benefits lower-income residents.

Rachel Kyte

In the final panel discussion, World Bank Vice President and Head of the Sustainable Development Network Rachel Kyte reflected amongst others on how to address food security, energy and water access in urban environments; how to attract entrepreneurs and businesses to urban centres; and how cultural heritage is part of what makes liveable cities.

The conference, hosted by the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research in cooperation with the World Bank and with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will produce a set of recommendations for future inner-city investment projects. The conference was organised under the aegis of the urbanization Knowledge platform and was supported by the Norway Multi Donor Trust Fund on Urban poverty, climate resilience and knowledge partnership, and brought together experts from both developed and developing countries.

While in Oslo, Vice President Kyte also met with amongst others Minister of International Development and World Bank Governor Heikki Holmås and Minister of the Environment Bård Vegard Solhjell.

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Learn more about the conference on the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) and on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Norwegian).




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