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World Bank Dialogue with Spain

The World Bank’s External Affairs Europe offices are responsible for the World Bank's daily dialogue with eighteen Western European countries, including Spain. Spain and the World Bank work together with other member governments to finance projects, design policies and deliver programs to combat poverty in the developing world.

This website provides an introduction to Spain’s formal involvement with and influence on the World Bank, in Spanish as well as English.

If you want further information on Spain and the World Bank, please send an e-mail to the Spanish country desk.

South Asia and Climate Change
A Development and Environmental Issue


Oct 08, 2012Barcelona - 6th Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium

What's New

Nov 18, 2012New Report Examines Risks of 4 Degree Hotter World by End of Century (Press Release)
Nov 16, 2012OPED: Development Aid in a Changing World (Commentary)
Nov 08, 2012New Joint IFI Action Plan for Growth in Central and South Eastern Europe (Press Release)

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Special Focus
Spanish carbon funds
Spanish-WB Trust Fund for Impact Evaluation (SIEF)


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