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Partnership with Civil Society

The World Bank recognizes the importance of working closely with civil society to fight against poverty and ensure economic growth and a sustainable social development. It has learned through decades of interaction that the participation of CSOs in government development projects and programs can enhance their operational performance by contributing local knowledge, providing technical expertise, and leveraging social capital. Further, CSOs can bring innovative ideas and solutions, as well as participatory approaches, to solving local problems. In recent years in particular, the Bank has been collaborating very closely with a number of organizations with the help of local coordinators based in country offices and in Washington.

In the United Kingdom the World Bank's External Affairs office helps maintain a close dialogue with development-focused CSOs through joint dialogue meetings, consultations and other events. Find out more about the World Bank's collaboration with civil society in the UK, and about its collaboration with civil society in general. If you are interested in following the World Bank's work, email us to sign up for one of our topical newsletters or to receive invitations to briefings and presentations given by World Bank technical experts when they are in London.


Updated June 2012


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