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    Statistics form the foundation upon which sound policy is built. The mission of the World Bank's Data Group is to provide high quality national and international statistics to clients within and outside the Bank and to improve the capacity of member countries to produce and use statistical information.  As part of the international statistical system, the Data Group works with other organizations on new statistical methods, data collection activities, and statistical capacity-building programs. This group also coordinates the analytical and statistical work related to monitoring progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.

    As the demand for good quality statistical data increases, timely and reliable statistics are key inputs to the broad development strategy. Improvements in the quality and quantity of data on all aspects of development are essential if we are to achieve the goal of a world without poverty. Good data are needed to set baselines, identify effective public and private actions, set goals and targets, monitor progress and evaluate impacts. They are also an essential tool of good government, providing a means for people to assess what governments do and helping them to participate directly in the development process.

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